Esther Markakis Living her Dream in New York

By Foevos Monemvasitis

July 9, 2018

Esther Markakis, for those of you that don’t know, is a singer, actor, lyricist, dancer, choreographer, and an all-around wonderful performer with loads of energy. If you don’t already know her, I promise you that you will be seeing her make it big time in the near future.

When meeting her to conduct an interview, I wondered what kind of an actor she would be. She is kind, friendly, ambitious, and very warm as a person. At first, she would ask me questions, right before I kindly explained to her that interviews often work the other way around and that the subject never asks the interviewee the questions. She laughed and blushed in a rather innocent manner, which is rare in actors that are expected to perform in front of grand audiences.

Esther Markakis is a very down-to-earth woman that strives to better herself as a performer and a human being on a daily basis. She works hard and puts in a lot of work into any task or performance that she undertakes and never gives up until it is perfect. Sometimes, perfectionism can be a flaw, but in this case, Esther has managed to make it a real virtue.

Esther was born in Athens, Greece and has an American background as well, hence the fluency in English.

Artists and performers always seem to have great stories about how they started dreaming of themselves growing into fame and becoming trend setters or idols for young fans. When asked where it all started, Esther humbly said that when she was a little girl she loved singing all the time. She would dance and act whilst watching television and movies and knew that it was her calling because nothing made her happier than when she would be performing.

When did you first know that you wanted to get into acting?

Following the question, Esther immediately smiled as if she was watching those moments in her head as if there was a video collage made of those moments. She answered, “I guess on some level I always knew. Since the age of 4, I would reenact scenes from my favorite movies; I would skip parties to watch movies and would spend hours and hours re-watching my favorite movies. I remember always being influenced by the movies and characters I watched and I wanted to be part of them.”

Do you prefer being referred to as an actor or an actress?

“I would have to say actor, to support equality in our industry and all industries.”

What made you move to New York to pursue your dreams?

“The decision to finally pursue my dream and embrace who I am as a person.”

Tell us about your big MTV TRL Premiere experience.

“It was incredible! I grew up watching MTV and especially TRL. So to be able to be part of the new MTV TRL premiere was a dream come true! And what’s more, I got to stand next to DJ Khaled, whom I really admire, I was on camera and I was cheering and getting the crowd and audience excited, and we got the show started while walking down the yellow carpet!! The shooting took place in Times Square, which was a great experience.”

What are some of the biggest obstacles you face as an actor?

“Time, money, opportunities, competition, and trust to name a few.”

How do you feel about your decision to pursue acting as a career?

“Blessed, grateful, excited, and overwhelmed in a good way.”

Do you ever feel discouraged by the amount of competition?

“Sometimes, but most of the times I feel like it’s pushing me to try harder and become better. Some healthy competition is motivating.”

What drives you as a person and as a performer?

“Hope and love for the performing arts, my family’s and loved ones’ support, and the opportunity to finally do what I love, was born to do, and have always dreamt of doing in a city and country that I love so much.”

In your opinion, what is your greatest weaknesses as an actress?

“Trying to be perfect at everything.”

Your greatest strengths?

“Empathy, love, and determination.”

Any advice for any up-and-coming actors and performers trying to make a move into the Big City?

“It can be overwhelming, but don’t let fear stop you from going after what you love. Surround yourself with people you trust and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Work on your craft as much as you can and discover what makes you unique.”

How and Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“Hopefully still working as a performer and having learned enough to be able to write and direct/produce my own movie. And hanging out with Meryl Streep. That would be great!”


Following the interview, she eased up and spoke to me about her ideas about the cruelty in this world can take away so much from the beauty of mankind. But in the end, the beauty always prevails. It was amazing to share a few moments discussing things others than the arts and the difficulties that the performing arts can bring with them. Ester is very profound and well-read when it comes to concepts and philosophical notions. I suggest to anyone to watch anything she has done on-stage (which is quite often), and if not, to share a few moments discussing with her in order to see what a unique and exceptional human being she is.


She will definitely succeed in the arts soon because she is great at what she does and loves it with all her being, which is the most important thing when wanting to be great and to succeed at something.